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Leigh Knowles Metteer

Leigh Knowles Metter Artwork Samples

Since 1981, Leigh Knowles Metteer has maintained a continuous exhibition schedule and gallery representation. Her etchings, lithographs, paintings and drawings are in collections all over the world. Her interests in the figure, landscape and allegory have produced works that solicit both quiet introspection and dynamic revelation. She embraces formats that range from 1-inch miniatures to 15-foot multi-panel prints.


Thomas Layton

Thomas Layton Artwork Samples

I've always been accused of looking at the world through f 5.6 eyes but it has only been in the last five years that I have marshaled that smoldering interest into a serious hobby. Perhaps passion is a better word.


Daniel Rice

Daniel Rice Artwork Samples

Daniel has long been a student of the visual arts. Through an enduring career in print-media, in teaching and in graphic design, Rice has immersed himself in the life and profession of an artist and educator.


Robin Weiss

Robin Weiss Artwork Samples

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Robin began drawing and painting at an early age. His first painting instruction from artist Louis Penfield gave him a love for capturing scenes of nature in watercolor. Moving to the Pacific Northwest Robin has traveled on the Kitsap peninsula and surrounding areas painting landscapes.


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